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88 Dyno Runs in 12 Hours!

UTV Invasion: Dyno Wars, Sand & Horsepower

Over Labor Day weekend, DP took the AXIS Dyno down to UTV Invasion; a massive ATV & UTV gathering held at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho. DP hosted a horsepower shootout to please the crowd's appetite for power and excitement. DP ran 44 vehicles in 12 hours running each vehicle twice on the dyno; 88 dyno runs in 12 hours has to be some type of record! These mass dyno runs would not be possible without DP's Clamp N Go System for securing vehicles. Check out this video of us loading, mounting and doing a full dyno pull in under 3 minutes! Clamp N Go System demonstration.

The Bang for Your Buck

A look at HP gains for different stages of modifications on UTVs.

Everyone wants more horsepower, but how much do they have to spend to get it? At UTV Invasion, DP was able to look at UTV's of all different makes and various levels of modifications. We saw everything from stock, stage 1, stage 2, and turbos up to Hyabusa motor swaps. The possibilities for performance are endless; limited only by the size of a person's wallet.
After seeing 44 different vehicles on the dyno, we took a look at  HP gains above stock to show you how much a person can expect to get out of their modifications.
Stage 1 mods consist of any upgrades to the intake and exhaust. Stage 2 mods consists of built motors such as big bore kits, cams, and high compression pistons. Turbos...limited only by lbs of boost and bravery. Of course, DP offers fuel solutions to optimize the fueling for the added performance modifications.
Take a look at the % gains you can expect from Stage 1, Stage 2 and Turbo modifications. CLICK HERE

Clamp 'N' Go System

The Clamp 'N' Go is an easy to use tie down system that can be adapted for any dyno. It can easily secure UTV/ATVs, trikes, and even automobiles! Loading a vehicle on the dyno is quick and easy. The Clamp N Go has a fully adjustable mounting mechanism and crank handle for centering a vehicle over the drum. Various hitch options allow you to mount vehicles of all shapes and sizes with one simple mount . Eliminate the headache of securing your vehicle and get back to what's important... dyno tuning. 
Contact us for details.

Did You Know?

The AFR+ can be piggy backed on top of any fuel management system; even turbo applications! Many enthusiasts add an air/fuel ratio gauge to their machine to monitor their state of tune. With the AFR+, you get an AFR gauge that you can monitor the tune up of your other fuel management system. Once your dialed, turn on the AFR+ with auto-tune capabilities to maintain your tune for all changing conditions. This is a must have on all turbo applications. Contact us for more information and details.
Check out the website: www.AFRplus.com

FZ-07 Hits the Market

If you have seen or heard about the FZ-07, chances are it has already been swept off your showroom floor. The FZ-07 is Yamaha's newest affordable priced sport bike. This is the little brother of the FZ-09, but is hitting the market with rave reviews. DP has a fuel solution ready to roll with this bike. Check out the FZ-07.org forum to see all the latest info Dobeck has released about this bike. 

Other New Fuel Solutions from DP:

-2014 Yamaha Viking
-2014 Scrambler 1000
-2014 Indian
Click a model to see what we have to offer.

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