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MUST WATCH: RJ Anderson in the RZR XP1K2 

RJ rips through the forests of Washington throwing down in this awesome machine. RJ even breaks the longest jump record! The XP1K2 is a RZR 1000 with Muzzy's Big Bore 1132 cc motor kit. The motor is tuned using the Dobeck AFR+ tuning system. The AFR+ is an excellent fuel controller that combines an air/fuel ratio gauge and fuel control into one easy to use system. The AFR+ can handle anything from improving the stock fueling up to big bore motor kits. Ask how the AFR+ can even help to tune your turbo applications.
Watch Video Here: RJ Anderson in RZRXP1K2

New For This Winter 

  • The AFR+ tuning system is now available for the 2011- 2015 Polaris Pro RMK snowmobile. 
  • New Upgraded Velcro will stay stuck even in the coldest of conditions
  • The AFR+ protective gauge cover for sled and snow bike applications prevents fogging and freezing in cold wet conditions.
  • AFR+ essential for Snow Bikes. Snow bikes have had issues with over-fueling due to the engine never reaching operating temperatures in colder climates.  Over-fueling can result in poor fuel mileage and excess fuel in the oil.The fuel-diluted oil is robbed of its lubricating properties and causes accelerated engine wear.  The excess fuel in the oil system can cause cylinder wash-out, fouled spark plugs, and blown or leaky seals. Improve performance, fuel economy and reduce engine wear with the AFR+.
Gates CVT belts available at unbelievable prices! Did you know Gates belts are cut using a water jet rather than formed in a mold? This means there is no need to pre-wash the mold release agent off your Gates belt like it is recommended with other belts. Gates CVT belts come in the OEM equivalent G-Force belt and the upgraded G-Force C12 Carbon belt. 
Read more about Gates belts:

Find the part number you are looking for by using the Gates Application Search Page

Contact DP to get belts coming your way!

New Applications

Other New Products
  • RZR Injector Connector Pack- The RZR 1000 stock injector harness wires are known to break after extended use. If this has happened to you, we have an affordable fix to get you running again.
  • O2 Sensor Bypass Kit- Do you want to eliminate the stock O2 sensors from your machine? Chances are we have an O2 bypass kit for your model.

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