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The Winter Season is Upon Us

Winter is right around the corner; time to get dialed in!

Whether you are up North waiting for snow, down South looking for the mud, or ready for cooler temps on the sand, the time is now to get ready for the season. Get customers running their best with a proper tune up from Dobeck Performance. Check the air/fuel ratios (AFR) with the SAFR Diagnostic Tool and get dialed in with our easy to use fuel controllers. Give us a call to see how we can make tuning quick and easy this upcoming season. 

Demo the SAFR Diagnostic Tool

Offer tuning services without the need of a dyno. See how easy tuning can be with our SAFR Diagnostic Tool.

If you are looking for an affordable way to tune vehicles without the need of a dyno, look no further. The SAFR provides a real-time AFR reading so you know exactly how a vehicle is running; it can be used on carbureted or fuel injected vehicles. The SAFR is an easy to use AFR gauge that taps into the exhaust without the need to weld in an O2 bung. Give us a call for a free demo of the SAFR and see just how useful it can be in your shop. Read more about the SAFR tool HERE.
To see what others think of the SAFR tool, check out our Testimonial Page.
Call us to get a SAFR Demo coming to your shop today!

Double the Protection makes Tuners Stronger than Ever!

All DP tuners are covered in a water resistant coating to protect the electronics from water damage and corrosion. We just improved this process so they can withstand even the harshest conditions.
All DP electronics are now double dipped in this coating to make them stronger than ever. Two thick layers of this coating will allow them to perform flawlessly in whatever situation riders may find themselves.
Click the link to watch the electronics water test. 
New Applications Available

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