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DP Receives Patent Approval for 'Radically New Dynamometer'

BELGRADE, Mont., Feb. 13, 2013 – Dobeck Performance has announced that it has received patent approval for the AXIS Dyno, an entirely new dynamometer to hit the market. Thirteen years in the making, DP’s head engineer, Bill Kirkpatrick describes the AXIS as, “a radically new dynamometer.”

“Dynamometers are designed to measure the power of vehicles,” Kirkpatrick continues. “They are used for vehicle and engine design, to develop new aftermarket products and diagnose problems for vehicle repair. Varying degrees of complexity have been used in an attempt to simulate road conditions such as wind drag, inertia (the weight of the vehicle), or climbing a hill.”

“Simple Inertia Dynos are limited to examining a vehicle only during acceleration. Brake Dynos use some type of brake (usually a water brake or electrical brake) to hold the speed of the vehicle constant. Combinations of those, along with software to dynamically control the brake, attempt to provide a more realistic duplication of road conditions. The displayed power is the sum of each independently measured load: A force cell attached to the brake, the acceleration of the roller, the frictional losses of the bearings, etc. Unfortunately, each measurement introduces its own errors and the combination of them still doesn’t accurately reproduce real world conditions. Numerous other loads would be useful but are too difficult or costly to measure accurately, or simply vary too much to be repeatable. We have a better way.”

Features that set the AXIS apart from existing Dynos:

1. Load Measurement - The AXIS contains a single force cell between the dynamometer roller and its shaft. Any load connected to the shaft is measured without additional sensors.

2. Wind Drag Consideration - Fans may be connected to exactly reproduce wind drag. Those fans will cool the engine and duplicate ram air to the intake. The inertia can be changed to match the vehicle’s weight. The possibilities are endless.

3. Replicates Road Load - The AXIS can be configured to duplicate most any condition the vehicle would experience on the road. A vehicle driven on the AXIS will accelerate the same and shift gears the same as it would on the road. If the vehicle tops out at 150 mph on the road, it will top out at 150 on the AXIS.

For more information, contact Dobeck Performance at 406-388-2377 / 877-764-3337 (Toll Free)

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